Name: Roberta Land
Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to say Happy New Year. I hope all is well!

Name: Low-life Internet Bottom-feeder
Location: My mom's basement.

Hi Everyone,

I'm a loser. Spambot or human? It doesn't really matter; either way, my very existence is useless and pathetic. I've been spamming this guestbook in vain, to the tune of 50 messages a hopes that someone, anyone, may be gullible enough to heed my obviously uninvited posts, and venture forth to buy whatever fraudulent crap I'm peddling. I actually believe that you can win the trust of consumers by anonymously vandalizing their precious personal space.

Of course, I'm currently sitting in my mom's basement, masturbating in my own feces, working tirelessly to write new codeómeant to evade the next inevitable wave of security, soon to be installed hereóso I can start this futile and deplorable process all over again.

My daddy doesn't love me.

Drugs, porn, online poker, mail-order brides? Anyone?

I need a life.

Name: Quinton Davis
Location: Whistler

Hey guys,

I saw you play at The Crystal Lounge in December...sicke show! Seriously, we never get live music of that calibre at The Crystal Lounge. I see you're coming back in April...looking forward to it.


Name: Jess

I think it's time for you to come home for a visit. Don't you?????

Name: Dave
Location: Burnaby

Hey Kal,

My girlfriend and I heard you sing at the Edgewater Casino and stayed for all four of your sets... We really enjoyed your music.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Name: James
Location: Vancouver

Great set at Vue Bar, Kal. Too bad it's such a noisy environment, but you made it work.


Name: Hanna
Location: North Van


When are you two lushes coming back to The Gull? I heard they're overstocked with tequila...


Name: Ryan
Location: Maple Ridge

Hey Kal, good singing at the Buffalo Club the other night. You have a real talent. Looking forward to hearing you again.


Name: Raj
Location: Victoria, BC

Hey guys,

A friend introduced me to your music a few years back... Your CD 'I am John the Savage' is an amazing album. So many good songs! Good to see you're still at it.

Keep up the good work.

Name: Trevor
Location: Kitchener

Kal! Long time, no see. Hell, I didn't even know you'd moved to BC. I still listen to your CD's. When are we gonna see a new one?

Anyway, it's good to see you're busy, doing what you love. Take care, eh!

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