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Name: Jason
Location: Surrey

Yes, "live music, weed, and big beards", count me in.
Play it, smoke it, grow it... Rock on, lads!

The captcha I have is "H E Y F U"...also funny :)

Name: mac

Glad to see you are doing well....enjoying life and doing what you love.
When's that song going to be done?

Name: John Strandt
Location: Gabriola Island

We listen to Sandcastle Theory all the time...Great music! We'll be over to the Delta and Beaver in May to see you. Your talent is very much appreciated and totally enjoyed. John and Julia

Name: Roberta and Robb Land
Location: Oshawa Ontario

Hey guys, Remember us from Elora (Summerhayes Bistro)? Just looking up to see how you are doing. Great!!
Health and happiness!
Roberta and Robb

Name: Jackson
Location: North Van

Holy shit, Kal, awesome show at The Gull last night. Seriously, the crowd was loving you. It's clear that you love what you do, and everybody felt it.

I bought your CD. I don't think there's a weak song on it. You're a wonderful songwriter with a great voice.

I'll see you there again tonight. Cheers!

Name: Fran
Location: Richmond

I just want to say that I love your music! I'm hoping to get some friends together to come see you at The Flying Beaver this weekend. Can't wait to hear you sing again.

Name: Julia
Location: Hamilton

Hey Kal,

Checked in last week, for the first time in a while, and the site was down. Two days later it was still down. Thought we'd lost you for good. Glad to see you're back online. Ontario misses you!

Now when are we going to get a new record, Mr. Mollison? It's only been five years ;)

Name: Chandra Russell
Location: North Vancouver

Hey boys!! I found your fan page ha ha... nice. I have to say thank you from a very genuine place for allowing me the privilege of playing with you at our company christmas party at the Pumphouse. We all had an absolutely fabulous time and were SO happy you were our entertainment for the night. Can't wait to see another show! One of these days we will DEFINITELY be hiring you for one of our own private parties so we can offer you some more of that beautiful 25 year old scotch you were enjoying... and maybe more since that Default offer has expired... ha ha. LOVE you guys.

Name: Audrey
Location: Burnaby

Hi Kal,

My friends and I were your chorus-girls tonight at the Hop & Vine. You were awesome! Thanks for the songs. See you next time...

P.S. Katie thinks you're cute ;)

Name: John Haynes

Hey man, strong CD. Like you described, it seemed to me like a marriage of style and substance. Listening to it I would get lost in a groove, and then find myself paying attention to the lyrics again.

Of course I don't have to tell you anything about the musicianship on your CD. I thought the arrangements struck a really nice balance, especially with your voice.

Right now I'm drawn to "Fate," and I do like "Shame," and "Mother" really sucked me in 'cause I dug the rhythm thing. Guitars sound great!

Right on -- take care -- J

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