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Name: kristina schuett
Location: Guelph

Hey's been quite a few years since I first met you at the Academy in rockwood :P
You may not remember me, and that's quite alright =)
Just thought I would check out your website and drop you a little message. Hope all is well.


P.S: Have you learned how to play "Hotel California" by the Eagles yet?:P

Name: Christina
Location: Waterloo

Oooh, a new blog to obsess over!

I read your journal too, WHEN you write in it *hint* LOL. You make me laugh, Mr. Savage...but that's your game now isn't it...ISN'T IT? ;)

Well, it's good to see you're so busy, but you really must tour east more often. We miss you here!

Name: Jasmin
Location: Richmond

Great singing Saturday at The Foggy Dew...yep, it rocked! We think you're hot! See you next time, boys. ;) xo

Name: Leasa Hanna
Location: Listowel Ontario

Hey I am missing you like mad, hoping to see you when my NEW Hubby and I are on our honeymoon. Hope to see you play missin' you xoxoxoxoxo Kal!!!!!

Name: Janelle Rowland
Location: Toronto

Hey Kal!
Hope all is well with you! Hope the holidays are great to you, all the best in '008!

Name: Ashley Stewart
Location: Richmond

You guys are AWESOME :)...and you guys need not to worry if you are flyin b/c planes are so technomological these days....:) haha LOVE u guys Xo

Name: Lindsay

I would have won 5 bucks if you were a betting man....

Name: Drewz

Hey Kal,

Thanks for coming out saturday and showing us the ropes. We'll catch ya next at your esquire's show.


Name: Chris Inch
Location: Ottawa

Hey Kal. Looks like your guestbook is back in business. Happy new year.

Name: Keith Campbell
Location: Ron's House

Aye Kal this is Keith. I'd like to say that your CD's rock and I love the song "mother" that you wrote.
I'm sorry to hear the story behind it.

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