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Mar. 18, 2007

[2pm - Esquires]...and I thought I was a rough start:

There is a dogged gent at the next table, rickety yet upright in his armless chair; the newspaper in his hands smartly flanked, elbows afloat; there are no less than three empty espressos before him...and he is fast asleep.  A valiant effort (grin)!

Creaming my coffee, just now, I couldn't help but note the rather ghastly portent that the dairy expires on my birthday (ugh).  Yes, although time pitilessly plods ahead with every passing picosecond, fast approaches the one day of the year when I am forced to take tally of it, ponder it, and ultimately deny it (smirk).

Aging gracefully in the entertainment biz comes hard and often obliges artists (those who don't despair or carry on conceitedly) to curb their shtick... Well, not me (grin [denial]).  My friend, Craig Cardiff (proud singer/songwriter), asked how I plan to remain relevant as the years form a fissure between me and my enduring college fan-base... "Booze!" I replied (grin).  I may not be tragic at this juncture, but so long as I shroud what few mature things I have to say, in the remnants [my alcoholism] of a time when I was...they shall relate.

I think he was hoping for a slightly more philosophical answer; nevertheless...

Flaws validate you.  In the same way that I don't trust people who never swear (and I do mean "cuss"; the other is almost always a lie), I wouldn't expect any self-respecting youth to heed the posture of one who has always played by the rules.  By that measure, I am a faithful logician indeed (grin).  I swear.

Ah, getting older... Life's a satirical bitch, eh!  Frankly, with all the flimsy, whirring bits enclosed and how we tax them so, I'm amazed we live (on average) as long as we do.  I consider it a miracle that I've made it this far.

My!  Look at the time...



Mar. 13, 2007

The fortune inside my cookie reads: "Take a break from your usual routine and enjoy yourself"... But my usual routine is taking a break and enjoying myself (smirk).



Mar. 10, 2007

Here's a thought for the FAA:

If it's in a clear container and I'm drinking it, chances are it's not nitroglycerin.  What are they going to proscribe if someone takes down a 747 with their bare hands?



Sep. 9, 2006


Jaelynn Louise Ann Mollison: 6 lbs. 3 oz. at 10:48am, healthy and beautiful.

Don't worry, I'm an uncle not a father, eh (phew).



Sep. 3, 2006

Left to my own devices:

Decompressing after a good stretch on the road usually sees me a little downhearted, and these past few weeks have been particularly taxing.  Today, however, I returned home to news that my best friend is cancer-free, and—on a completely separate yet equally enlivening front—found my bed adorned with gifts of devotion, carefully planted by the sweetest of bandits.  Sufficed to say, I dodged the doldrums this bout (wink).

To celebrate, Handsome Riche and I hit The Cottage Bistro for some barley-soup and Brandon Isaak's take on the blues.  A-few-too-many later, we staggered back here, emptied a bottle of Cortéz Gold (nasty), watched "Lightning in a Bottle", and jammed until the sun came up... That was more than an hour ago.  It's now 7:30am, and it seems drinking to 'good health' may be somewhat paradoxical (smirk).  All the same, I'm gloriously drunk and won't have to face that irony till at least mid-afternoon (grin).

This is as good as life gets!



Aug. 23, 2006

Did I miss something; when did Beyoncé become a flailing trollop?

"Déjà vu" indeed... Ho-hum (yawn).



Jul. 20, 2006

I ate a scorpion!

An act less than becoming of The Fairmont Chateau Whistler (grin); nevertheless, the bets hit the stage, the tequilas went aloft, and the venomous arachnid and I became one (wince).  Thanks to the crew from Oracle and Maroon 5 for pulling the stuffing out of The Mallard Lounge.

In other news: I see Paris has added "pop star" to her résumé; an effort comparable to McDonald's adding a new item to their menu.  Personally, I think this new video is a step backwards from her debut ackhem!... You know, this is sure to be done to death; allow me to digress (smirk).

Dan Lanois’ "Shine" continues to be my emotional keel; however, "Broken (and other rogue states)" by Luke Doucet has rehabilitated my fervour for new music (since you asked, Luke, I'd go with the booze: it never tires because love is too hard).  Other laudable works; albeit, some of these references are long past due:

  • "Tales from the Invisible Man" – Danny Michel
  • "Yellowjacket" – Stephen Fearing
  • "Fistful of Flowers" – Craig Cardiff
  • "Resurrection" – Jacksoul
  • "Den of Thieves" – The Trews
  • "Get Born" – Jet
  • "Pearl Jam" – Pearl Jam
  • "Stadium Arcadium" – Red Hot Chili Peppers

I like the new single "Steady as She Goes" by The Raconteurs; although I have yet to hear "Broken Boy Soldiers" in its entirety, I'm looking forward to making it one of my next purchases.  Sam Roberts continues to impress me; there's something reminiscent of old Jane's Addiction in his songwriting.

I don't care how many industry folks (the same people brazenly peddling Nelly Furtado's fraudulent wares) I hear bitching about Bedouin Soundclash... I like that band; they suck in all the right ways.  Besides, at least they've got the stones to bring only what they're capable of to the stage.

Shifting gears: "The Life and Hard Times of Guy Terrifico" is the funniest thing I've seen since "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou"; seriously, I laughed my ass off.  That said, I'm willing to admit a certain bias here; but honestly, I don't think you have to be music industry savvy to appreciate this flick.  Just watch it, it's funny...you'll see.

These are exciting times: building a home studio, writing for the next record, playing a whack... I'll keep you posted.  Today, however, is another wonderfully temperate West Coast day of which I must go take advantage... And so, I'm out.





Mar. 2, 2006

"Every time you hear the rolling thunder, you turn around before the lightning strikes."

– Sheryl Crow

Sheryl, sweetheart...um...the lightning comes first (wink).

Get well soon!

To visit: The Breast Cancer Society of Canada




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