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Feb. 2, 2006

Have rock stars lost their nerve?

Has this sterile new age of digitally perfected pop stars finally begun to breed doubt into the minds of even our most fearless rock legends and the engineers who would record them?

Mutt, you used to be such a slave-driver.  Shania can sing...make her sing.  Give the "Antares" the day off.

I'm listening to "Just Feel Better" by Santana, featuring Steven Tyler (sort of); crestfallen by the shameless use of pitch-correction on this vocal track.  Why?  Is it a concern that Steven Tyler, famed rock vocalist of more than 30yrs, may get upstaged by the latest barely-legal, pretty person with no chops?  Craven!

Rob Pilatus died of our contempt, just eight years ago; driven to suicide by the humiliation we were still dishing him, over faking it ten years earlier... Yet here we are doing jigs and quantizing our most diligent and capable, as a matter of course.  Some precedent!


Carlos, I love ya man; but how many times are you going to record this guitar solo?



Jan. 18, 2006

"ON BOARD COMPUTER": this is the primary selling feature of the latest...toothbrush!

(blink, blink)

I can't be the only one who thinks that's ridiculous.  I mean, seriously... What is it with toothbrushes and running-shoes anyway; do we really need that much help managing our basic bodily functions?  Do people actually buy these things?  What on Earth does the "computer" do (my taxes, I hope)?

To those of you out there designing computerized toothbrushes and hydraulic running-shoes: we need a cure for cancer, a cleaner energy source... Hell, we're still waiting on a teapot that doesn't drip.  Focus, folks...focus!

I remember when it was a novelty just to have that little rubber "toothpick" on the end of your standard brush.  Does anyone want to go me a round of "Space Invaders" (grin)?

'Night all...



Jan. 17, 2006

"Music should be the statement, not your outfit."

Ashlee Simpson

I couldn't agree more; I just didn't realize Ashlee Simpson was a musician (smirk).




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